Manga Translation Commission

Email to Contact: for Commissions
The commission is now open.

Methods for Commissioning

What are you translating?

I translate from English to Japanese. You are welcome to contribute your manga creations.

For additional information, see the material below.

Contact Information: is the primary email address. (Please add to your whitelist or contact list!)

It may take a few days before I can reply with an estimate for a new commission. Please feel free to send me another email if you believe I missed your initial one. When I’ve answered every query and whether I won’t be able to get back to you for a few days or longer.

Basic Fees and Services:

Black and White Manga Scanlation: $2.00 per page (translation and typesetting included).

Colored: $3.00 per page (translation and typesetting included).

US dollars are used to express all pricing.

These translations are only for personal use; you may not sell them.

When a translation is done, I might use it for promotional purposes (unless you request that it stay private).

The commissioner’s identity will remain undisclosed.

How am I going to get paid?

Please send correspondence to
Include any special requests in addition to the material that needs to be translated in its entirety.
Please indicate if you want the preface and afterword to be translated (they won’t be by default).
I’ll let you know the price of the translation. If you accept, I’ll add your commission to my waiting list.
As soon as payment is received, interpretation will begin.
You will receive the completed translation in a month or two.

When ought I to send in my money?

I must get payment for the whole amount before I begin translating. Larger works can be broken up into smaller parts and finished one at a time if that’s how you want to work. You won’t be charged until I’m prepared to begin translating your commission.

In what way may I pay?

Bitcoin or DeviantArt

When is my commission going to be completed?

Typically, translations costing less than $100 are completed in 60 days. Larger translations will take longer, but if it’s feasible, I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I finish chapters or portions. Please get in touch with me right away if, after a week, you have not received your translation or an update on its status. Emails can occasionally be lost or blocked without my knowledge.

Refund Guidelines:

Please inform me right once if you need to cancel a translation after payment has been received. I will reimburse the payment for the areas that were not translated, but you will still be invoiced for (and receive) the finished parts. I am unable to provide a refund once the translation has been finished.

However, if there is anything in the translation that you would like altered or are confused about (such as any mistakes, missing language, or unclear phrasing), just email me and I will fix it. Even though I proofread my translations before sending them, little errors can still happen. I might delete your files after a month, so please try to complete this as soon as possible after obtaining your translation.

Would you please translate this for free?

I apologize, but I am unable to provide translations at no cost.

I appreciate your commissioning!